FRIDAY FAVORITES: Anniversary Edition

This one inspired by the love of my life and the life we live. Happy Friday Everyone. May it be filled with 
LOVE, so much LOVE!!
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"Ordinary no, I really don't think so, not a love this true. 
Common Destiny, we were meant to be, ME and YOU!!

(Our Wedding song and the words ring so true. Thank you Kenny Chesney)

We look so young!!!

 There really aren't enough words to convey how much I love this man, but here are a few that shout
 "Mr and Mrs Nine!"

 I laundry room
I know, romantic, right!
Sure felt like it!

This is so us!

Anyone remember these? I didn't even know they were still around. 
These two fit us perfect! 

Check out a post I did on Tips To Keep Your Marriage Thriving. Lots of stuff we do to keep it working! HERE


He is so wonderful about complimenting me on the meals I make and says he likes all of them but he 

does have some favorites and I know this when a WOW is added to "that meal was wonderful!" Here is one that elicited a WOW from him and our sons. Enjoy!



We are truly smitten with the mitten (West Lake Michigan coast in general) so our BEST summer day dates are heading an hour- hour and a half north and spending the day near the water either at the beach or dining alfresco on an outdoor restaurant boat like this one. This particular day was a hoot, it was quite a warm one in July and we had lunch and cocktails before riding our bikes. Ugh, bad move so we ending up sitting in beach chairs on a shaded grassy knoll watching the boats go in and out where I preceded  to fall asleep. We did get our 2nd wind, kept running into our family Dr. (what is that telling me? ha!) and preceded to view a gorgeous sunset before heading home. Treasure these times!!


My favorite lady next to my own mom

This is the reason for Mr. Nine being as wonderful as he is. His beautiful mother Bonita. I adore this lady and feel blessed to call her my mother-in-law. She is so talented, beautiful and smart. ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease) is robbing her of her life any day now at a way too early age (70) and we hate it!!!!! You can only scream so many times, it's not fair!! She taught my husband and his sister grace, strength and compassion and I am so grateful to her. I know she reads this blog and is supportive of me and it so here is what I want to tell her:

 I feel so blessed to have you as a mother-in-law. Before I got married I really prayed to have a good relationship with you but the Lord superseded my expectations when I got a WONDERFUL mom in you — someone who affirms and encourages the values and principles I was raised with, who helps 
me to become better at that which matters — a wife, mother, and a homemaker. You never impose or 

demand but your life and example speak volumes about who a woman ought to be.

Thank you for raising your son, my husband. Thank you for the devotion, worry and commitment you made to raise this man, this love of my life. Without you he would not be the man he is today. Thank you.

Bonita's nickname has always been Bunnie and she loves bunny rabbits. What a blessing to have a wild rabbit whom she named Prissy live under one of her flower beds. We brought her this geranium for Mother's Day and that little sinker comes out and meanders around it as I am sure she is looking at it as dinner! But what a blessing Bunnie has gotten to enjoy this little nature show. Heaven is gaining a one of a kind wonder woman with a heart of gold. Love you so very much!

So, as you can see this anniversary is bittersweet but a remeinder to never take for granted the ones we adore! Love on each other this weekend my friends and treasure each moment.
Love n' Hugs Mom B, Love n' Hugs


 I love you to the moon and back has been a thing for my husband and I for as long as I can remember. The first time he left it on a note, I thought it was something he made up on his sweet own as I had never heard it before. Now it is printed on everything. I am getting extra nostalgic as our Anniversary is Friday.
Since I know many people like the saying, I thought I would highlight some products it's on and show you this adorable top I received as a gift from my mom from a local boutique.
I like how it is printed on the front and the back. It's that soft mint green that is so hot now. Plus it's super soft to the touch!

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The gingham wedges are two years ago from believe it or not:
 Payless and they are so comfy!!

  Most of these products can be found on etsy.
There is not a hobby, boutique or home decor store that I go into where I do not see at least one item with this saying on it.

I love you to the moon and back too Mr. 9!!

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 “Yours is the light by which my spirit's born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
― E.E. CummingsSincerely Jenna


Our teenagers love American Eagle and the hp guy stuff is really cute.  I do not buy a whole lot from there for myself as I feel it looks a little too young for me. However, lately, they have been knocking it outta the park. I went in to try on a swing dress (which I'll feature next week ) and they had just put out this adorable jumpsuit. Since I am a sucker for a jumpsuit, I feel in love. On my way out of the dressing room I spied a cardigan that they had also just gotten in and what a perfect match for those cool nights.

 I wore this jumpsuit on our get away this past weekend for dinner but didn't get good pics so thought I would highlight it more today. If you like jumpsuits, I really think you'll like this as it has a cuffed hem for heels or flats and adjustable shoulder straps. of course I was thrilled that it pairs well with my new 
Michael Kors Josephine Wedges!

 I thought in the store it was navy, but it is black which is just fine with me.

American Eagle Jumpsuit Here
American Eagle Cardigan Here

Happy Wednesday Wonderful Readers!!

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Holiday WEEKEND Recap

I hope you all had a lovely, nice long weekend full of rest and fun. Every Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I do a trip without kids in honor of our upcoming Anniversary. The last several years we have done a get away to Crystal Mountain Resort in northern Michigan. 
Located in the heart of Benzie County, Crystal Mountain is the Midwest’s premier four-season family resort featuring some of the finest accommodations northern Michigan has to offer – 36 holes of championship golf, 50 downhill slopes, 30km of cross-country trails, the award-winning Crystal Spa, the Michigan Legacy Art Park, and Over Memorial Day weekend: the BEER and BRAT Festival...this year was the 10th annual and it was the largest turnout ever. The summer at Crystal is just as awesome as the Winter and we love it here.

FRIDAY, first things first:

Comfortable car traveling attire. Lightweight mint Sweater Target
Cropped Legging Express
and Sam Edelman circus sandals

 We stayed at the Kinlochen Lodge
 but there are rooms, cottages and bungalows you can stay in too.

Within our lodge is a wonderful Thistle Pub Restaurant and we had a lovely dinner. I had, for the first time, rock steak, where they light the rock on fire and then you cook your sirloin cuts right on the rock, a minute or so on each side after dipping in a teriyaki sauce. Yummy, but soooo hot, thought I was having a way too early for menopause hot flash. Ate quick so the waitress could get that stone outta there. LOL

One of the best spinach salad I ever had.

After Dinner resort stroll through the lighted pergola. Isn't Mr. Nine so Handsome!!!

Started out with a hike. You know I had to get my exercise and steps (got almost 20,000 that day) in if I was going to be indulging in beer and brats that evening!

Gorgeous view of the Resort from on top one of the slopes
 After hike refreshments at the outdoor bar, so relaxing!

3pm, VIP entrance to the Beer and Brat Festival
 Headline Band was called The RockShow and they were awesome. Cover band doing Journey, ACDC, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, etc. Very good band!!

The absolute BEST brats and homemade potato chips 
from Michigan markets, fresh grilled asparagus, electric and classic cars and
 over 100 kinds of craft beers.

Top, a Barcelona cami in Rosy Cheeks from Express

 Cheers to a great sun shiny 75 degree, light breeze day!!!!

 Sunday, golf day
My husband has been wanting to golf one of their courses forever so this time he got the opportunity, Such a beautiful course. We got paired up with two guys from Port Huron and we thought, crap they're gonna be pro golfer good and well they thought the same about my hubbs in his Notre Dame polo. Ended up being about the same course skill wise and super, super super nice guys. Love watching my Mr. Nine spank that ball down the fairway!!
Say Hi to our new friends brother-in-laws Chris and Kevin who, we not only ended up having mutual friends in common with, but shared rounds with them until dinner time back at the outdoor bar. Ladies, Kevin on the right is single, a hockey player, fun and sweet! I've got his digits, if interested, lives on a lake!! :)
 I love playing match maker!

We planned on staying until Monday but family business back home was number one priority so we headed home. However, as we pulled away, the rain stated to pour so it was actually perfect timing as we had been so blessed with gorgeous weather.

Since it is about the only time all year that I drink beer and indulge in brats, I think there will be a white cheddar asparagus brat and a Dirty blonde beer from Atwater Brewery with my name on them next year. 
Can't wait!!
Love you all, hope your weekend was simply wonderful and so happy we are one step closer to next weekend already!!!

"Travel brings power and love back to your life."