What a fun week! I know on the calendar, Summer hasn't officially arrived but I feel the need to make it sloooow way down, it is already going too fast!
We finally got some great weather on Tuesday for a pool day. I got to have an adventure with girlfriends in Chicago and a big yes to a Friday that is looking fantastic and a fun filled weekend ahead!

1. Mid Week Chicago Trip
So excited that my friend Michelle and I, who by the way, is the cutest and just lives a few miles from me, whose Instagram and Blog you have to check out, met up with some fabulous Bloggers/Instagramers in Chicago on Wednesday. Three of these ladies I have been following since the beginning of my blog journey and I was overjoyed to meet them IRL. I CANNOT wait to reveal to you who we met and gush about how much I adore each one of them! We shared food, laughter and so much fun with a great meal at RPM Italian and then headed over to GILT for chitchat and cocktails and more laughter. 
Much MORE about our fun and these Chicago cuties on Monday!
FUN Dressing room selfies

2. Thread Tank Tees
Thread Tank, I love you! I was recently acquainted with this fabulous online Shop and the sweet ladies who run it. They sent me two of the cutest and softest T-shirts! Here are a couple the ways that I styled them, with both tees been perfect for me, and I thought of some other ways to style them that I’m excited to share with you soon! Check them out HERE. And if you use the code CLOUDNINE, you get 10% off your entire purchase through September 30!


3. Week's Attire

 Sandals HERE

T-Shirt HERE // Skirt HERE // Earrings HERE // Tennis Shoes HERE

4. Black and Grey and YES......Tie Front
I have been crazy about the tie front tops. This gray one is so stinking cute because it can truly be dressed up or down, has the cutest little rolled up sleeves, feels nice on and fits so good. I decided to add a long slit black skirt and a fun element with the Adidas superstar tennis shoes.


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5. Misc.
Posts of the Week
Monday ~ Trader Joe's Summer Finds
Wednesday ~ 

I know I’ve shown you the many seasons and holidays that I’ve decorated my tiered tray; For Fall, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day but for my indoor white one, I decided to just do a little every day decorating and this is how it turned out. Now, my regular wooden one, I do have a summer theme I’m working on to finish it off. 

Here is our graduate, and I realized I forgot to share a Prom photo as well. Look how handsome and his all black tux!

Oh friends, when strawberry season arrives in our neck of the woods every June, I get so excited to make my strawberry crunch parfait! Then, when the fresh blueberries are here, it becomes a blueberry crunch parfait. Here is the amazing recipe I concocted several years ago.


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 The pretty pleated sleeves of this gorgeous floral top makes me believe I can spread them and fly! It’s so perfect and I found the perfect Green earrings at Target to match. 

 I first saw this top in a fabulous outfit ensemble my friend Lisa from Daily Style Finds put together. She has showcased it with With White Jeans, and I will wear it with those as well. For this post, I wanted to highlight the boho vibe with some wide leg jeans. It’s such a vibrant color. 
And I cannot stop wearing my favorite new Necklace and Barrettes!

 Promise me you’ll all spread your wings and fly. Somedays we may fly higher than others and some days we may come crashing down, but if you don’t try, how will you know the heights you can reach? From small things to big, reach for them, soar towards them. 



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Yep, I did it again, I made a trip up to Trader Joe’s, my 3rd and I love it more each time!

With this third trip, I wanted to get several things that were new either to the store itself or to us. So, I’ll share a few of those and my thoughts on them as well as some favorites that will always be repeats each trip. I literally about screamed when the checkout girl told me that there is talk of getting one closer to where we live. I would be in heaven!

Cheese Tapas
Not only are these cut in cute little triangles, but these white cheeses are going to be perfect for the red white and blue charcuterie board I’m going to be making and sharing with you all soon. 

Assorted Crackers
And of course, you have to have crackers to go with that cheeseboard. This box of assorted crackers is so much cheaper than my regular grocery store.

Unexpected cheddar cheese. 
 I have been hearing everyone raving about this and the other day my mom asked me if I had tried mine yet and she didn’t really care for it. Please note it crumbles like crazy, but the flavor is, well, I am not sure...unexpected!

Egg Frittata
I am obsessed with the egg white bites from Starbucks and I heard that these are reminiscent of those. While they are not quite as good as the Starbucks I version, they are mighty tasty and make for a perfect protein filled breakfast or snack.

My boys absolutely love lemonade. However, what I don’t like about it is all the sugar. Starbucks has this and a pink lemonade version that are sweetened with the all-natural Stevia and it’s the blend of tart and a tad bit sweet. Little too tart but good. Another Purvia packet

Butternut Squash 
I have really been into roasting vegetables. My favorites are sweet potatoes and a cauliflower broccoli mix. However, I recently heard someone say that butternut squash is delicious roasted.I am not a fan of cutting up butternut squash because it can be hard. This solves my problem and these little chunks are perfect and so tasty roasted with some olive oil, salt and pepper.

Cauliflower Gnocchi
This is a new favorite because I used it for me and saved some calories this way. Be sure to sauté it in butter for crispness or it will be soggy.

Bruschetta and Marinara 
These are two of my favorite Trader Joe products and often go hand-in-hand. The marinara is perfect for my turkey meatballs, or spaghetti, or if there’s no time for homemade lasagna sauce, etc. Often times, in addition to using the bruschetta for Italian bread toast, I love put it on top of all of these dishes for a very fresh tomato taste.

My family is in heaven combining a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie! Mr. Nine had one on the end and just said it was OK and that I could probably make a better version but the second day we both had one from the middle and they were utterly delicious!

Oat and Greek Yogurt Sandwich Cookies
I am a sucker for any creme inside a sandwich cookie. I thought that these sounded delightful with a yogurt filled cream and the girl at the checkout said they are very delicious. The cookie itself is a little crisper than I would like but with a cup of tea in the afternoon, these hit the spot with just the right amount of sweetness.

Meyer Lemon Cake Mix
Again, another item very reminiscent of Starbucks and their lemon pound cake. However, this one takes the cake so to speak as it is even better! The perfect taste of lemon with a wonderful sugary glaze top! Another sweet treat great with Tea or coffee! This is also great for company.

Lemon Cookie Thins
And since we love Lemon, my mom got these and shared with me. Again, so delicious with a cup of afternoon tea.

Almond/Peanut Butter Cups
I was completely sold on the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from a trip before, especially when kept in the refrigerator. However, I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about the almond butter cups. They are absolutely delicious, but I have to say the peanut butter ones are still my favorite. And you get a lot more in the container, LOL!

Peanut Butter Cartwheel Cookies
Another delicious cookie from Trader Joe’s! My family is peanut butter crazy, so these are right up their alley.

Guilt Free Guacamole
And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do a Trader Joe’s post without mentioning my favorite item there and probably one of my favorite things to eat on the entire planet! The guilt free guacamole is out of this world. Made with Greek yogurt, the taste is absolutely divine and the calorie, and fat content kept very low. Unfortunately, it’s perishable and doesn’t last more than a few weeks in the fridge so I can’t stock up on too many. And I could kick myself because I had three tubs of this in my car but put one back. Since I can pretty much eat this entire tub in 2 sittings with salty tortilla chips, I so wish I had gotten that third tub of this amazing guac! 

My other top 5 favorites would be the sweet potato fries the cookies called Pinks & Whites, the Spinach-Artichoke dip and the Mandarin Orange Chicken, but I usually don’t that but my family LOVES it!!

A bit of TJ trivia. The company was started as an Aldi in Germany by the father of two brothers, but they got in a fight and instead of combining one unified franchise, they each operate their own…Now one has Trader Joe’s and the other has Aldi. They are not owned by the same parent company and word on their connection is tight lipped.

I literally had 8 bags full. If you have products you love, drip them in the comments for my next visit. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you, I am sorry, and I feel ya. But keep a running list, like I always did because you never know when one may pop up!




Happy Friday friends! Another fast week is in the books. It’s looking like a gorgeous day so I will keep this intro short and get right to some of the fun favorites.

1. Boys
Real World Accessory 
So, our boys are really getting a taste of the real world, in fact some of you may know that the two college boys have started an online shopping website together called RealWorld Accessory. They sell cool watches, hats and sunglasses for guys! They are having fun with it but they needed a little boost so I told them I would feature them on the blog! And I had a ball doing a little photo shoot for them the other night. We thought it was cute that they wore their respective college shirts. 



Entering the Real World
This youngest of ours isn’t big into social media, but he will soon be entering the real world as he graduates this weekend and will also be heading off to college. Lots of last times for this kid and our family. A couple weeks ago he had his last time on the mound and wearing the number 9.

 And here is a picture of graduation practice with the 459 graduates.

2. Lip Balm 
I am crazy about lip balm! My favorite night balm will still always be Carmex, and I was the queen of Carmex, back when it only came in the little tubs, in school. Right now, my two favorites are the EOS brand and Raw Sugar line.  
The Raw Sugar pineapple and maqui berry + Coconut smells so much like summer. 


Sweet Mint has always been my favorite EOS but I recently bought this lavender latte and vanilla at Target and just love it. I love that it’s packaged with one of the little round Balms and the stick.

3. Week's Attire
 Varsity Tee HERE // Shorts HERE
LOVE these shorts!!

Dress HERE // Sandals HERE

Pineapple Tee HERE // Shoes HERE

4. Bubblegum Pink 
I just love bubblegum pink and that color is hard to find! So when I found this cute sleeveless tie front top at JC Penny, I knew it had to be mine and I love it. It comes in lots of other colors as well. I thought it looked really fresh paired with raw hem boyfriend jeans and white pumps. 


More Inspo

5. Misc Fun
Posts of the Week

We did not watch the CMT is on Wednesday night but aa soon as my mom told me Tanya Tucker was on there singing Delta Dawn, I quickly watched it and downloaded the YouTube performance. When I was little girl, Delta Dawn was my favorite song and I used to sing it, sometimes in the grocery store! I would belt it out as loud as I could so this was so much fun to watch.

Pineapple Wallpaper & Katie Kime
I just discovered Katie Kime and I am in love with every single thing on her website. From wallpaper, Home decor, fashion, paper goods, art prints, bright, so cheery and I LOVE IT ALL!!
 Just look at this Pink Pineapple Wallpaper! I am sure I will be sharing more of her stuff in the future! 
BUY Wallpaper HERE

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