It’s PINK WEEK around here! Bringing you a little pretty in pink this week on the Blog. This idea was all inspired by my LOVE of PinkBlush!
Have you shopped their site? Holy cuteness!!!! My friend at PinkBlush even told me PINK was my color. How sweet! And for all you mamas to be, they have maternity clothes too. Their styles are chic with comfort in kind, totally on trend and curated for you to feel confident and at ease to get your day done! 

Here are 2 pieces in beloved pink hues that will be on repeat for me this Fall. First up is this darling Waffle Knit Peplum Top and um, friends, it has a HOOD! It flows so cutely. I thought my gray jeans looked great with the rosy mauve color. And how cute are my new Snakeskin Booties! I love that so many of PinkBlush’s tops and sweaters go perfectly with jeans and boots and bam, you’ve got a super cute outfit! 

Isn’t this TOP just darling? It’s so soft too!

Next up, this beautiful blush Sweater

It’s oversized and comfy with 2 super cute front pockets! I love that this one you can dress up or down. This pink shade looked gorgeous with white jeans and my new Sam Edelman Boots. I just love how this outfit turned out. Such a GREAT Sweater for Fall! AND it comes in 6 GORGEOUS Colors!!! Just wait til you see this COLOR! It'll be perfect with leggings too!!


I also got the CUTEST corduroy Olive Overalls from them. I can wait to style them for you soon. With that post, I’m
Going to do a giveaway so one of you lucky friends can win some PinkBlush goodness!

I know many of you have heard of PinkBlush. If not, you will be amazed at how large their selection is. SUPER CUTE!



This month is going so fast and two boys are already down at college. After Tuesday, we will be empty-nesters, for the college year anyway, and I don’t quite know how to feel about it. Definitely keeping busy is on the agenda and not quite sure yet how are going to fill our Friday nights without football under the lights? Lol. Tomorrow will be a baby shower for my cousin and hopefully Sunday will be a pool day. What are you up to this weekend?

You know we love to get to Chicago when we can and after hearing it was going to be a nice weekend there, Mr. Nine just knew we had to get away after all they have been going on at home. Plus, I think he kind of wanted to cheer me up. It was one of those no agenda weekends and it was perfect. We did lots of walking, eating, and drinking and visiting rooftop bars! Sunday was full of people watching on the Riverwalk and more good food including Stan’s Donuts! I actually ate two entire donuts on the way home as I had not had anything sweet to eat in two weeks and they were absolutely delicious!

Love staying at the Trump Hotel..the view and customer service are Ahhmazing 

A Favorite Restaurant is Nico Osteria. The Brussels Sprouts Bruschetta is one of my favorite dishes ever. Mr.Nine got the BEST Corn Beef Hash.

Before Daisy passed, I cut some locks of her hair and wanted something special to put them in. How precious is this little Memory Jar. The boys think I should put it on the Christmas tree this year. The owner of the Etsy shop was so sweet and was even able to put her middle name on the tag as well.

Black Tunic HERE // Sandals HERE

Similar Top HERE // Sandals HERE // Shorts HERE

Dress HERE

You know I love to wear dresses but when I find pants that are as cute as this and fit this well, I’m sold! They are a dream to wear. I got these cuties at Kohl’s and it looks so cute with the tank top and fedora. This was what I wore all day on Saturday in Chicago and it was super comfortable and fun!

More Inspo

5. MISC.
Posts of the Week 
Monday ~ Losing Daisy
Wednesday ~ My Fashom Experience
AND Thank you to all of you who checked in on me, sent cards and sweet tokens of gifts to remember Daisy by. Precious Friends you all are!!!

Ice Cream Cone Earrings
One of my dear besties, Mrs. Laura Horton, is getting ready to host a fabulous baby shower with an ice cream theme. I sent this photo to her as they would be the perfect hostess earrings! They also come in vanilla with sprinkles look, LOL! Aren’t these mint chocolate chip ones so cute!


More Floral Cuteness
And a super cute floral Target DRESS to add to the fun! Isn’t this just adorable with a fedora! It’s a faux wrap dress and zips in the back. You’ll want to check it out on two more of my Besties Kellyann and Shelly as they also tried it on this week!


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If you are a fashion lover, you have probably been seeing the name FASHOM all over Blog land! It is an excited fairly new program that really delivers in the realm of quality, affordability and customer service!

This was my first time with a stylist inspired box and I must say; I was pleasantly surprised how fun it was and how well it worked out! I think you all will love FASHOM, an affordable personal styling service. FASHOM thrives off body positivity, self-love and they want women to celebrate themselves exactly the way they are. They offer high quality, budget-friendly clothing that is ethically sourced from vendors around the world. There are a few things that stand out and make FASHOM unique to the other styling services out there. 

~Your personal stylist provides you with a preview of several items and you pick the five that you would like shipped to try on in the comfort of your own home.
~Customers are offered a 25% discount if 3 items are purchased and a 30% discount if all 5 pieces are purchased. The average cost of an item is between $35 - $50. 
~Your first styling session is free, so you can try it risk-free. Then, going forward, the styling fee is only $15, and that is applied as a credit towards your purchase. FASHOM has also recently introduced private video chats with their styling team to get a better understanding of your personal style. 
~It's NOT a subscription service so you can request as you go. This is a big one for me as I don’t a box of unknown pieces coming to be every month. I like that you can choice what you want, when you want! 

I got started by completing a style profile on their website (they also have an app!). The style profile covers sizing, budget, and style preferences. You also let your stylist know your preferences towards different outfit groups. From there, your stylist will get back to you in about 2-3 business days with nine pieces that she has picked out. The first round of picks was not appealing to me, so I emailed my stylist let her know. This second time, I got more specific with my stylist and told her what I did not want and some Items that might be appealing to me like a blazer. Just a few hours later, I had additional selections to choose from. Once I made my selections, my box arrived in less than a week. They note it could take 12 days, but I was so happy how quickly it arrived. Note that they do have a $50 credit card hold for first-timers when they sign up. The hold is not permanent - you receive it back once you get your box.  

FASHOM offers a $10 credit every time you refer a friend through your Referral Link, and they order their first shipment. So, if you sign up for FASHOM through my referral link, we each get credit.

Here are the five items I selected (of the ones my stylist picked out for me) and how I styled them. 

BY: Staccato
You know I love an off the shoulder and the colors in this one is so beautiful. Plus, it stayed put right on my shoulders without riding up.


I absolutely love the colors in this and the gold piping, but I was just afraid I wouldn’t wear it enough. However, it is absolutely beautiful in person and looks so cute with jeans.


BY: Gilli
This dress is so flattering. But you know I have a huge collection of dresses and didn’t really need another one. I might be kicking myself later for passing on this one.


BY: Skies are Blue
I’m a sucker for blazers. This is the most beautiful fuchsia color and I always love a contrast lining that looks so cute when you roll the sleeves up. This is a nice linen blend for summer and for Fall!


BY: Gilli
I’m a sucker for jumpsuits too and this one with the ruched ankles and drawstring waist was too pretty to pass up! Plus, it will be a great color going into the Fall and is a nice heavier material.


This was a lot of fun and the people at FASHOM are so darn sweet and accommodating, which is a huge plus! Overall, I was impressed with the quality and how quickly my stylist got back with me with more items to choose from and how easy it was to purchase what I loved and exchange an item for a different size.
I would definitely use FASHOM again this Fall! I just love that it's about when you want the clothes, not about when they want to send you a box!

If you're looking for an affordable and unique personal styling service, check out FASHOM HERE and save $ off your first box!



With tear stained eyes and a body with no tears left to cry, I’m going to get through this the best I can about the loss of our precious pup, Daisy Mae! On Wednesday, July 31, our sweet little “sis” as we often called her, went to be with the Angels. I truly have so much to say about it but I’m having a hard time getting the words out so I will share with you what my heart can right now. Sharing this gives me some solace. 

First of all, can I say, grief is such a lonely lonely thing! No one grieves the same way and when you feel like you can’t fully express yourself, the loneliness is debilitating. My heart aches that my family is not grieving the same way I am, but again, I live in a house full of men and I guess it’s just what they have to do! The boys are all heading back to college and I dread the empty house. Maybe I need to get a job, LOL!

From the time she was a pup, she was the sweetest soul! Never once did she leave her boundaries, always told us what she needed was so quiet and so loving, such a good girl as we always said. 

2 months old

4 months old

She was the heart and soul of our family. She was lucky to have us and we were so lucky to have her!

Daisy healed up so many holes in our heart. Some we didn’t even know were still there. 

At Grandma's and ready for the 4th of July!!

Daisy love so many things. She loved her doggy bed, daddy rubbing her belly, she absolutely adored the snow and LOVED to roll around in it! She loved laying in the grass with the wind in her hair. She had favorite treats and she especially loved all kinds of berries and pizza. She loved her brothers, her grandma and her mommy and daddy so much!

Of course she was getting old, but on a vet visit in April, despite having a mouth infection and going on anabiotic‘s, the vet thought that she had quite a lot of time left because she looked so good for her age. We noticed her eating habits had changed just a little bit but we attributed it to old age. We would have to try different foods and find ones that she seem to enjoy. However, that Sunday she stopped eating completely and before bed, let out a cry that I knew was different and I stayed up with her the entire night until I could get her to the vets the next day. She had lost several pounds and after a major blood panel it was determined that she was in 99% kidney failure, the worst they had ever seen. We knew after her major surgery 2 1/2 years ago which thankfully gave us 2 1/2 more wonderful years with her, that her pancreas was also declining but it has wasn’t anything alarming back then. I knew the minute the sweet vet walked back in what the decision would be. However, we didn’t want to tell the kids yet, especially because one of our sons was to have a college summer course final that was very important that Wednesday morning. We knew there was no way he could take this test if he knew and later he told us he was grateful and got an A on the test! Plus, to be honest, I just wanted some time with my sweet girl. So they made her comfortable and we took her home. However, she was never able to sleep the next two nights and I had to hold her in my arms and try and find different ways to get comfortable, all the while giving her syringes of water, anti-nausea and pain medications. 
One of our sons was able to capture this photo with my girl an hour before we took her.
I wore blue and yellow because these are two colors dogs can actually see and I wanted her to see her mama!

We sat in the cold room and each held her saying our goodbyes. 
Wrapped in pink towel, I held her as the vet slowly helped her slip away. I told her it was a joy to me her mama and we loved her so much. I felt her body go limp and she was gone. We sat with her for a bit as I didn’t want to let her go. Everyone at the vets office was compassionate and caring every step of the way.

Devastated, we returned home and all I wanted to do was go to sleep so I didn’t have to think about it anymore and I was absolutely exhausted from all those hours awake. (79 hours straight) but we noticed there was a very large package on the porch and I saw it was the console table that wasn’t due to arrive until Friday. What makes this special and I believe, a sign from above, is that there was a note attached to it in a plastic bag that said “thank you just wasn’t enough” with a doggy in a dog bed on it. If you knew about Daisy, you know her dog bed was kind of a big deal. And I know it was her saying thank you just wasn’t enough for not only putting her out of her misery but for taking such good care of her all these years. 

1st time in "her bed"

Like I said, the vets office was nothing short of extraordinary as we have come to know many of them personally through the years. They called me a week later to pick up her remains. The crematory had found a sweet little wood box with flowers that look like daisies on top and I took the vets office flowers with an arrangement where I found a big yellow Gerbera daisy to thank them for all their comfort and support. They even sent a card with special messages from all the staff about Daisy including the Dr's. 
A huge thank you to all my family and friends that have been so sweet and comforting as well, especially my mom, who often took care of her on our trips and is grieving as well. Daisy is now back home with us and that gives me some comfort.

Pets love you even when you don’t love yourself. 
Give them every bit of love you can because that’s the only thing they know how to give to us, pure unconditional love and joy!

I know the year's first snowfall will be from 
you Sweet Daisy! I Love you!