Happy Friday my sweet loves! I just have such a hard time believing that February is half over! But that’s OK let’s get closer to some sweet warmth and sunshine! My favorite meteorologist gave us that said reality that yesterdays high tee of 40 degrees is the highest we are going to see for weeks. Boo but YAY to FRIDAY and s few FUN Favorites! 

1. New Restaurant Date Night
On Saturday, Mr. Nine and I took my mom to the airport and thought we’d make a date night out of it. We were excited to hit a local new restaurant that is housed in a historical library. The crazy thing is my cousin and her family were the ones that renovated the library into a residence and then they were approached by the restaurant developer to buy it and thus Jesus’s Latin Grill and Tequila Bar was born. I had a orange Creamsicle margarita, well I had two, and they were utterly delicious. The flavors of the food are very unique and everything just melted in our mouths and hit the spot. It was the first time in six weeks that I have felt stuffed since I have really been working on my eating, but the binge and cheat day was so worth it!

Date Night Outfit.....SWEATER I LOVE IS BACK IN STOCK!!!!

2. Small Town Girls
Small town girls. I’m a small-town girl and I’m proud of it. I especially want to give props to three small town girls whose performances on the Grammy Awards blew me away Sunday night.

I still get chills every time I hear the song Shallow and Lady Gaga did an amazing rendition of her award-winning song. 

This girl, J -Lo, has my heart big time! Just look at this smoking lady! We are close in age so I severely admire what this woman does!

And the incomparable Dolly Parton! Here is the whole tribute!

This woman is simply the best. The minute I heard her and Miley Cyrus singing Jolene, it took me back to my beloved Nashville Girls' Trip!!

AMEN to this!!!

3. Week's Attire
Valentine Attire
Jeans HERE // Boots HERE

Shoes HERE , Earrings HERE, FP Top HERE, Head Wrap HERE
Red Bralette HERE

SNEAKERS HERE, Earrings HERE, Barefoot Dreams Cardigan HERE, Tee HERE & 

4. Lavender and Poncho
I am all about the lavenders and the lilacs! These purple hues just scream spring! I had not pulled out my lavender corduroy pants in a while. It was fun to pair them with a favorite cream poncho and lavender scarf.
Similar Poncho HERE // Scarf HERE // 

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun 
Monday~ 3 Things

LOVE with my Daisy
Outfit from Yesterday's Insta and sweet pup wanted in.


Small Town Girl Shirt

All You Small Town and Big Town girls go have the SWEETEST weekend! HUGS!!

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The minute I saw this beautiful white and gold pleated skirt ensemble on Pinterest and from Awesome Blogger Becky Hillyard, I knew it had to be my next re-creation! That’s the fashion prompt for today, creating someone else’s style. Her Blog Cella Jane  is beautiful and I sure do like how she puts together an outfit! I was already in the market for another pair of Adidas superstar sneakers because I love the ones with the black stripe so much. These, with the champagne gold stripe, are spot on spectacular. Great story about this Fuzzy Wuzzy soft as a teddy bear white sweater from Free People. I got it from Zappos and a week after it arrived, the sale price was cut in half again. The wonderful customer support at Zappos was kind enough to refund me the difference. 

Let’s talk about this beautiful soft velvety champagne Gold Skirt!! Her skirt is more of a metallic but I opted for something a little softer and guess where it came from? Yes, wonderful Amazon! It is elastic around the waist and is so comfortable on, thus making a perfect with the tennis shoes.

Last Summer, I showed you another fun White and Gold Look. I just love how classy and fresh it is.

That purse! That purse of hers is over $1000. I knew that would not be a purse I would carry often so I found a Super Cute One, also on Zappos made by Aldo. $35!! Yes! I love that the strap is not only gold chain but the purse material as well. It is just the right size and it looks so much more expensive in person.

It was a dreadful dreary day when we took these pictures but I was so proud of the job my mom did. Lighting just isn’t always on our side but we do the best we can!

Sweater HERE // Skirt HERE // Tennis Shoes HERE // Necklace HERE // Gold Purse HERE

LINK-UP your Fashion style over at The Blended Blog

May your day be Solid GOLD!!


I have been eating so good and about the only time I allow myself sugar is an occasional Dove dark chocolate or a couple junior mints but sometimes for a cheat day, you just want something more satisfying. Yet, I wanted to opt for somewhat healthier ingredients. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I haven’t brought you any sweet treats in a while, I thought it was time. I have made these twice to raves from the peanut gallery. 

So simple, so easy, only 5 ingredients
What you'll need

No Bake Peanut Butter Crunch Bars
2 3/4 cups crispy Rice Krispie cereal 
1 1/2 cups chocolate chips
1 cup peanut butter (I used reduced fat ONLY because we love the taste)
1/3 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla, optional 

Line the bottom of an 8 x 8” baking pan with parchment paper. I also spray it with nonstick cooking spray. Place the cereal in a large mixing bowl. In a large microwave safe bowl, combine the chocolate chips, peanut butter, maple syrup and coconut oil. Heat in the microwave for 45 seconds stir heat for 30 seconds more and stir again. If desired, mix in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Pour the chocolate mixture over the rice crispy cereal and mix until combined well. Pour into the lined baking sheet and refrigerate for at least an hour. Remove and cut into bars, big or small. These can be kept at room temperature or in the refrigerator. If cut into 20 bars, they are 80 calories each.



Welcome to 3 Things Monday. When a bestie of yours announces she is starting a new series called “3 Things” and posting on the second Monday of each month, well, you can best bet I’ll be riding that train of goodness and fun. My dear Laura from The Horton Family has come up with the neatest prompts to really get you thinking about life, love and happiness. Won’t you join her in getting those juices flowing! I know I am excited to see what she comes up with each month! This girl is smart as a whip, funny as all get out and her creative mind is the bomb!! Here we go!

1. College Care Packages
Sending care packages to my college boys! You may remember the very special one I shared the first year they were in college called Pumpkin Spice Care Package. Well there was no way Valentine’s Day was going by without mama showing some love! Here is a tip for sending packages in cute boxes that you don’t have to buy. I know many of you my order from Bath and Body, well the boxes that Bath and Body products are shipped in are printed with the adorable blue and white signature gingham on the inside. All I have to do is add some stickers, packaging shred or tissue paper and it’s like opening a beautiful and fun box of goodness! And did you see the cute box decorating skills of the mentioned Laura on my Friday Favorites?

2. What Verse, Song or Quote inspires you in your current Situation?
I’m actually going to pick all three because it is quite often that verses, songs and quotes resonate with me and I can always find one to relate to what is going on in my life but these are my literal favorites of all time in each category.

On the day I met my Mr. Nine, my wonderful prince charming, I had been given a Bible verse that morning. I folded it up and put it in my purse but kept thinking about it all day. How were I to have known, it was THE verse associated with him coming into my life. Psalm 40:2. I truly believe he was led by the hand of God to come into my life at a time when I was at my lowest. When I didn’t think I would climb out of the murky pit, this man was there to save me. I know we cannot rely on another person to save us but it wasn’t that, it was that our Lord and Savior was doing his magic to provide the light for me to finally see a bright future! To this day, I carry that folded up Bible verse in my wallet!

 Here, in one of our favorite places where we go every year..our condo in upper Michigan

Remember a few weeks ago, I talked about my goals for the year and one of them was to take my husband’s breath away? (HERE) Well, it’s not just him that takes my breath away, it is all the small joys of life. Magical moments that happen when you least expect it. So, this quote always resonates with me to look around you because the breath taking moments are everywhere! 

“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban
Literally one of the most beautiful songs ever written and recorded. I cry every time I hear it. For me, it holds truth of what God and all the people I love, do for me. They Raise me up to be more than I can be. My husband, my boys, my mom, my friends and strangers who touch my heart and above all, our Lord and Savior. It is because of them, that I am strong and can conquer all. When I first started my job at the Hospital almost 20 years ago now, we had a college meeting, where our then CEO, said this song reminded him of all of us, that we, his colleges make him all that he can be. What a wonderful thing for an organization head to say. It was a loss when he left, but he left bits like that, that we carry into our lives long after we leave the organization. YOU all have the ability to Raise Others Up. Listen to the lyrics of this song today if you can. Go out there and soar, be strong.

3. The Quality I admire most in others is____?
Hands down the quality I admire most in people is Compassion! I feel like people who have a compassionate heart pretty much have it all together in the sense that they care about other people, they respect other people, they try to support and lift others up and care about the good of the entire world! A compassionate and giving heart is so to be admired especially in today’s age where selfishness, entitlement and mean spirits sometimes invade the good in our lives! I try to surround myself with people whose hearts offer 110% compassion!

My heart holds compassion for each one of you. 
May this day and Everyday bring you joys, big and small.



Hello my FINE Friday friends! Are you happy to see this day? I sure am and if I haven’t said it for a while, my heart and my love go out to you for reading this little space on the great big Internet! You are the reason I keep on blogging because you make it all worth while!
Going to share some love with you today for Friday Favorites! Lots of Sweet Love to share today!

1. Valentine's from My Loves
How special is it to receive tokens of love from the people you care about most! I received several of those this week, adorable early Valentine's!

From My Laura
My girl! You know her you love her, the unbelievably precious Laura from The Horton Family. This girl knows what’s in my heart and she knows how to be a true friend spreading love wherever she goes! Just look at this goodness. It’s so funny because I had linked up the truck T-shirt below before I received her package yesterday and lo and behold: one of my favorite things, a red truck holding so much love!

From My Mom 
Look at the sweet goodies from my precious mama. We always get each other a little something for the day of hearts! The way I look at it, your parents are really your first loves, your first Valentines, the ones that teach you how to love and care for others! My mom is the pure epitome of love and compassion. How precious is the CUTE bicycle with 
the double heart seats!


From My Mr. Nine
My sweet Mr. Nine knows my love of pens and paper runs deep! A Couple years ago he got me my favorite pen to which of course, I lost! He surprised me this week with not one but four of my beloved Parker pens in the prettiest colors! A "Just Because"Gift!

2. Wearing Hearts
On Wednesday, I shared the cutest heart baseball tee and it prompted me to share some more cute T-shirts with you because I mean come on, most of us are casual in our Valentine style and busy lives, mom lives, and weekend fun just want us to be comfortable in soft and cute festive tees!

Buffalo Plaid

Coffee is my Valentine

A Truck AND Buffalo Plaid

3. Week's Attire

4. Red Pants, Chambray and Leopard
Oh yes, this is one of my favorite combinations: red, chambray and lovely lovely leopard! These pants from the Loft are a favorite of mine! And can I say, I am so loving my Amazon phone remote hooked up to my regular camera tripod.
Chambray Shirt HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun...Lots Today
In Case you missed em'!
Monday~ AMAZON- Can't Stop, Won't Stop My Recent Amazon Purchases
Wednesday~ Queen of Hearts Fashion Link-Up

Cooking Superstar Feature 
I know I mentioned this on Monday, but I had to give a shout out again to the wonderful folks at Cut Out and Keep for my Cooking Superstar feature that they’ve been sharing this whole week! It goes until Sunday and my heart is grateful! I find so many good things on their Site

Monday the 11th....3 Things 
I had to mention this wonderful new series again. Join the phenomenal above mentioned Laura from The Horton Family on Monday for her 
3 Things Series!

Giveaways Continue......
Just because we LOVE you so much!! 

Go to this Instagram Page on how to win this AMAZING goodness! I am what is called a Ghost Participant on this giveaway so it won't be in my post but will be on my stories. MY goodness, I wanna go wild in Sephora!!

YOU are all the Gift I need!!
Happy Weekend Babes! 

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