FRIDAY FAVORITES.....The Last with my Babies Edition

I long for Friday to be here each week. But I'm melancholy today. I don't want them to go back. In just a few short days, they will be back on campus, yes, having the time of their lives but this mama's heart will ache for missing them and soar for their futures all at the same time. Today, we'll be packing up rooms and this morning, Mr. Nine and I are at the house site meeting about boulders and retaining walls. Exciting stuff, huh?? What is exciting are my favorites!! 

1. My Guys
We made sure to enjoy a weekend full of family fun including moving a college couch, visiting friends at the lake, having brunch at The Clean Plate Club, a Sunday drive and checking out the house progress.

Gonna be hard not seeing all 3 of these faces at once! 

The two college boys both worked full time summer jobs at the same local pool place. Pool boys they were!

Not a favorite is that our poor baby broke a toe and may be out the whole football season. He is a Varsity starter and we are heartbroken for him.
Yet, he still smiles throughout it all.

2. Arlo
We had a little scare a few week ago so we installed cameras around the house and will be transporting them to our new house. With the Arlo app, it records 10 second intervals of motion detected activity for our review or for the cops if you're an intruder. We LOVE it!!

And I know when packages arrive..HI UPS man!!

3. Week's Attire
The Loft Cardigan, Nordstrom necklace, Vigotti pumps, TJ Maxx tee

Old Navy skirt, Target sandals, Kohl's top & necklace 

J.C Penny top and Charming Charlie necklace

4. Dresses with Vests
I've shown you this favorite dress from Target before but the new edition is the soft, light vest. This is what I wore on our Sunday adventure. Just love a longer vests with dresses and boots.

More Inspo

Speaking of a cute clutch like hers above...

5. Misc. Fun
Just look at this Cheetah Clutch. Ok, Ok, who else occasionally gets leopard mixed up with cheetah..hey they are BOTH in the Cat family. Anyway, The Red Dress Boutique has the best Cheetah Clutch. This one is only $36 and super cute!! In case you missed the one in the NSale, this one is for you!! I like it much better.
Get it Girls....HERE

Grandson fanning Grandma with a palm leaf on a back to college shopping day

Progress as of last weekend 

My wish for my angels...

..and my wish for you is a precious and sweet weekend!

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  1. Oh I know you are going to miss your boys!
    I just ordered that clutch. It's perfection!

  2. I know you'll miss them.

  3. We've been thinking about getting the Arlo too-glad to hear you love it! I hope you enjoy the last few days with all your kids home- I know they will miss you too! xo,Biana-BlovedBoston

  4. Your boys are the cutest! And we had cameras installed, too, so we get notifications every time someone is detected on our porch. Dustin texted me yesterday at school when he saw a package was delivered asking me what I ordered--can't hide anything anymore!! haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Oh my goodness - such handsome boys! I know you are so proud of them all (and miss them terribly when they are not around). As always, loving all the looks and so excited about the house! Hope it's a good weekend my friend. Take care of yourself!

  6. Anonymous11.8.17

    You gorgeous mama ! I feel your pain and you know that I've been through having two of my boys go off to college ! It's a tough day when they leave but we know that they'll do fabulous and will being live college life to the fullest :) Hugs Andrea ! Love the photo of you and your three boys ! Have a fabulous weekend my friend ! Jordan graduates tomorrow from UNL , wipe away my tears :( The day has finally come !!!

  7. Eeeekkk the house progress makes me so excited for you friend. I am SO sorry to hear about the toe though. I will be praying it heals quickly. Thinking of you sweet lady. Even the thought of my girls going away like that makes my chest hurt.

  8. I hope you have the best weekend soaking up time with your guys! You're an amazing mama!

  9. I'm sure they are just as sad to leave you as you are to have them leave! I remember I was excited to go back but always sad to leave my parents!! How exciting that there is so much progress on the house!! Happy Friday!!

    Rosy Outlook

  10. You guys have the best time! My mama heart hurts for you though. Hopefully they at least check in regularly! The house is going up quickly. So exciting!!!! Have a great weekend!

  11. This piece hits home with me -- our #3 boy leaves for college soon, and I'm trying to picture this home with only one boy living here full time! Mum have to be tough to get through these tender goodbyes.

  12. Sounds like you guys made the most of their last week at home!!! LOVE seeing the progress on your new house - it looks like it is going to be so cute! Hope everyone gets back to school safely and you enjoy the last bits with them!

  13. Sending all the hugs this weekend sweet friend! And so sorry to hear about your son's toe, praying for quick healing and that he can play in the upcoming season <3
    Green Fashionista

  14. Enjoy every moment with your boys - before they are off to school. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Daily Style Finds

  15. Oh no, I am sure you are sad to see your two older babies head back to school! Before you know it, they will be home for the holidays though!!!! Sorry to hear about your youngest and his toe. I hope that he recovers quickly! We have cameras in our house too, it makes it great for when we are on vacation and dont have to worry about anything at home, we can log in and see its ok. Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. You have the sweetest family! I know it will be hard to say goodbye to the boys but take solace in the fact that their success is a reflection of how well you raised them.

  17. Sending your momma's heart some love today. Just know the holidays are just around the corner & you'll have your gang with you again!

  18. You are just the sweetest, most beautiful mama. Those boys must have some pretty high standards for wives, because you have set the bar HIGH!!! Your house is coming along beautifully...I'm so excited for you. Once the sheet rock goes up and you can really see the rooms it's just so fun. I love that purple dress and the vest is darling with it. I'm so sorry about the broken toe. That is the PITTS!!!! You've had a great week and I'm totally with you on the sending them back to school. I told Katie maybe we'd just get a trundle bed for her new dorm and I'd live with her...I think she almost was okay with it...hahaha. Have a great weekend with those handsome fellas. WE CAN DO THIS!!! XOXO

  19. Andrea, you are raising the most amazing boys! It's not all the time that you see teenage boys actually wanting to hang out with their family and enjoying it. You are doing such a great job, and I hope that I can turn out to be half of the momma to my boy (and girl) that you are to those boys. You are incredible! I know you're going to miss them so much.

    And the house is really coming along! I can tell already that it's going to be amazing! It looks HUGE!

    Happy weekend, darlin'!

  20. Aw, sending you hugs as you transition back into the lack of those handsome men. You are an absolutely inspiration of a mother. Happy Weekend!

  21. I'm sorry it is your last weekend together before they go back. I LOVE that dress with your vest. Seriously one of my favorite looks of yours.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  22. Enjoy your last weekend together! You guys made so many fun memories this summer. Riley will be finishing up the baseball season early September and I can barely wait to have my crew all together. The house is really coming along nicely.....I can only imagine how freaking exciting this is! Happy Friday lady!

  23. Well, they are 3 fine looking young men and I'm sure it will awfully quiet once they are gone. But, we've had quiet so long that we've actually grown to enjoy it. :o)) Love the look of your new house. Do keep us updated as you go along. Happy weekend!

  24. The house looks AMAZING!!!! I know you'll savor every last moment with the boys just like we're trying to do over here. Ugh! We'll get through it knowing how happy and excited they are though. Last year was scary not knowing what to expect and being on their own for the first time but now they know what they're doing so I think it's a little easier. I'll still ugly cry though!
    I love all of your pictures, your boys are so sweet and you all have so much fun together. Totally loving the vest and dress combo - right up my alley!
    Arlo sounds interesting. We have Ring and I like it because it's nice to be able to answer the door remotely and it records comings and goings. So helpful since just a few weeks ago an order from Amazon never arrived and when I called them I was able to tell them we have a recording device at our front door so we know no one took it. Very handy! Isn't it a shame we have to have things like this because our world is crazy?
    Alright enough of that. I wish you all the best my dear friend, you'll have a great weekend and look beautiful doing so!

  25. I get so sad for you whenever you talk about your boys going back to school! I know how hard it is to be away from family. I'm glad you have been making the most of your time with them while they're home though & I hope they have a great time back at school!

  26. Oh my heart goes out to you this weekend Mama! It looks like you guys had a great week together with lots of fun. I LOVE that clutch and those vests. I hope you have a great weekend with your boys!

  27. Sounds like you got to spend some amazing quality time before the baby birds fly back to college. It's so evident you've raised such amazing boys with goals, family values, and of course style taking after their Mama! I can't wait to see how the new house comes along! Sending big hugs your way but the boys are going on the right path! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  28. Thinking of you, friend, and you know I feel your pain! You've raised some pretty amazing boys and they are on their way to astounding things! LOVE your house and can't wait to see it all when it's finished.

  29. I feel your pain Andrea, I miss the two that have left me already - just last night we were at my son's for his house-warming party! My daughter is only 5 mins away so that's a bonus. On a positive side - more time to blog and plan your new home x Jacqui

  30. Aw, a broken toe is no fun! Love seeing the progress on the house though! I remember building our home. It was so fun seeing it go up!

  31. A broken toe sounds so painful! And I hope everyone transitions well! They miss their mama too, no doubt!!

  32. It's hard when summer ends. Hopefully you'll have the family back together soon :)

  33. OHHH, I'm so sorry it's back-to-school time. There's always so many mixxed emotions, I know:( Love your feedback on ARLO...I've been thinking about "Ring" version...I'll have to compare them:)

  34. Hope you had a wonderful weekend soaking up time with your cute boys. You can just see the love in your family in all of these pictures. I love the one with the fan and your mom! I can't wait to see the progress on your new home. It looks incredible. Have a wonderful week!

  35. Andrea, I'll be thinking (and praying) for you this week, I dread, dread, dread when those days come for me. You are such a wonderful mama, they are SO blessed to have you!!

    The house is looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  36. Ugh I can't imagine how hard it has to be to say good bye when your boys go back to school! You all have a special bond and that is clear to see!

  37. Hi love. I guess the boys are back at campus today. Count down until their next break! I cannot fathom nearly empty nest and know these next 8 years will FLY. The house is coming along brilliantly! Yipppeeeee! Speaking of brilliance----you are totally!!! I love you!


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