Happy Friday! Well, it’s still cold here but the sun has been shining so that feels a tad like Spring! Hope you had a great week and it is at least somewhat spring-like where you live. Getting right into Friday Favorites.

1. Festive Family Time
Minus one son but still tons of fun. Got to have a Family St. Pat’s Day. I got my Midori sour but a little bummed there were no pretty garnishes like the one I showed you Last Friday.

That morning this stud won his weight class at the weight lifting competition. This Monday he has his first baseball game of the season and he's the pitcher. Excited for the season and his upcoming Senior Year in the Fall.

2. The Dress scored the Cayman's
Found another Caribbean type dress (remember this ONE?) and sent it to Mr. Nine. It did the trick, that night we talked and are booking Grand Cayman for April 2019!! Yeah, it’s a year away but this is pool install year so I’ll take next Spring no problem plus we may go over my birthday and celebrate our May Anni.

You can get this dress almost identical at Nordstrom too for under $50

3. Week's Attire
Cupshe sweater, The Loft Top, 

Loft Sweater, Converse Chuck Taylor Tennis Shoes HERE

Utility Jacket HERE, Free People Cowl Neck HERE, Grace and Lace Cami, Ralph Lauren Slip On Shoes HERE

4. Flowy Cold Shoulder and Capri's
You may know I am not a fan of cold shoulder but with thinner straps at top, I’ll try it if it is extra cute and this flowy, under $10 at Loft did the trick, plus the straps are Velvet!

BUY THIS TOP, still under $10 HERE
I.N.C. Necklace HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Bicycle Necklace and a Sad Goodbye
Yesterday, I had my yearly exam and cried. Why? Because it was my last with my OB/GYN provider, Midwife Julia. She has been my provider for 30 years. She is retiring This Summer. She is very active so I used a bicycle metaphor as a gift to wish her luck on this next “ride” in life. Only health related bad news: I gained 5 pounds since last year…BOO!

Monday, I showed you my Recent Amazon Purchases and this sweet sterling Silver Bicycle necklace I gave to Julia is also form there. I got my mom one last year and she loves it. It is so darling in person. 


My dear friend Laura had a post this week about Jumpsuits and she found some cute ones. I may be going overboard in that category as this week I bought 4. However, Monday I will discuss a jumpsuit gone wrong and this weekend I’ll try to figure out how I will be going to the bathroom gracefully in these in public restrooms when out. Hopefully I don't have to ask the lady in the next stall for help. This one from TJ Maxx ($20) should be an easier down and up, lol 

 I also got This One for Summer and this One for a birthday get away next weekend!

JUMP into the Weekend with a smile sweet Friends!!

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  1. Oh you are too funny, I think with practice you can figure out the bathroom thing,lol! I can't wait to see the jumpsuits you purchased! Loved your outfits for the week - they are all so pretty. Too bad about your OB-Gyn leaving, that's a long time to know someone. What a sweet and thoughtful gift and she'll remember you always!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend, love ya!

  2. That dress does scream caribbean! I just bought it for my trip next week! So excited for the pool install and your trip next year. I always like having a trip to look forward to. Have a great weekend Andrea!!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. Ooo that dress is pretty! Glad it did the trick! Good luck to your son on his baseball season

  4. Anonymous23.3.18

    Adorable necklace ! I feel your pain when you say your OB/GYN is retiring. My kids Pediatrician retired this year and I must say I cried. But what a sweet gift to give Julia. I loved Laura's post about Jumpsuits. Seriously loved them all that she posted. Happy Friday Andrea

  5. The dress definitely did the trick, now I want to book a vacation too! The jumpsuit bathroom conundrum is enough to scare me away, but I know you will look amazing in them! And hooray for winning the weight lifting competition. I am sure his #1 fan is looking forward to baseball season too. Though I know my mom was always a nervous wreck when my brother pitched! Have a super weekend pretty lady! xoxo

    1. Oh, and I am sure that doctor's office scale lied! Those things have a nasty habit of doing that!

  6. Congrats to your son, and I'm so glad you got to have some family time for St. Patrick's Day! That necklace is so cute. Having a vaca to look forward to is so wonderful, and I know you'll enjoy that pool! Have a great weekend!

  7. Haha! I love that a dress did the trick in getting you husband to book a vacation that's great! My husband waits for me to plan everything and just tell him what days to take off from work.

  8. Yay for family time! Have you done a closet tour yet because if not, you need to!! Loving all your outfits friend! xo

  9. I don't know where you're hiding that 5 lbs. Love your outfits for the week.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Love that bike necklace, so cute!

  11. I'm loving jumpsuits too and that red dress of yours!! So the perfect dress can convince them of a trip huh....I'm going to work on that. :)

  12. I love that Caribbean/floral dress on you!! SO pretty! YAY about the trip next year too! I wish that I could wear a cute jumpsuit like that one but I am way too short! Sorry that your OBGYN is leaving too!! :-( I love my current one and hope that I can see her forever haha. Anyways... I hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend friend! :-)

  13. That bike necklace - what a sweet gift. I know how you feel. My OB/GYN of 25 years just retired this past year too (on my birthday to make the matter worse) & I was like, I'm going into menopause, you cant leave me now!! She reminded me that she was with me from before I was married & now that I'm in menopause - that's exactly why she has to retire :) haha

  14. That bike necklace is so cute. What a sweet and thoughtful present to give! I hate when I lose a good provider like that! And um you look fabulous, so that five pounds is obviously the shoes you wore or something. I had my exam yesterday and I weight 4 m ore pounds at the office than I did at home once I had all my clothes and booties on. So there. Have a fabulous weekend!

  15. Omg!! YOU BOUGHT FOUR JUMPSUITS?!? WTG, girl!! And I especially love that black and white striped one! Ha! Glad I could provide some "Inspo!" Also, I love that green jacket you're wearing! It looks so good on you! I showed Wayne your beautiful picture Saturday night and said, "Look at my beautiful friend all dressed up in green!" He smiled, took a drink of his midori sour and said, Where's your green jacket?!" Insert eye roll!! Cheers to more midori sours and cosmo's!!

  16. I am a huge fan of jumpsuits but the only bad thing is you basically have to go to the bathroom naked haha! If you can get over that, then you're good!! And yay for your trip next spring! It'll be here before you know it!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  17. In the first two pics I thought you cut your hair for a second. I'm sorry your drinks didn't have pretty garnishments but hopefully they made up for it in taste. That is so thoughtful of you to get your OB that necklace. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  18. It's so hard when our medical caretakers retire. But I always look at it as a chance to find someone even better!! How wonderful you were so close to her!!
    And jumpsuits? The good, the bad and the ugly!! They are so easy, if only they were easy to pee in....ha ha!!

  19. Such a cute dress on you and yay for booking your trip! I like a thicker strap on a cold shoulder too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  20. I know what you mean about jumpsuits and bathrooms! eek! I do love them though. Your style is so cute! Love it. What a great way to spend St. Patrick's Day with your boys and good luck with baseball season. Your flower photo made me warm and hopeful those days aren't far away for us! Have an excellent weekend!

  21. Congrats to the "nephew" on his achievements and I know he will rock out his final year in the diamond! That dress is PERFECTION! You wear everything so dang well. I'm too short for jumpsuits but if I were taller I would wear them all the time. That is the sweetest momento for your Midwife - I also use Midwife for my care. My gyno appointment was last week. No fun and a post coming soon regarding the hell that it brought me. But ya know what? I'm smiling and blessed and happy! So woo hoo! Love ya sis.

  22. I am loving all the cute clothes you posted. That dress would be perfect for my Mexico trip next month. And can I just say that I really love your closet!

  23. The sole reason I do not do rompers or jumpsuits is because of the whole bathroom situation - too much work! So glad you had a great St. Patrick's day with 3/4s of your guys!

  24. So many cute outfits. I have serious closet envy ;-) I have a longer torso, so jumpsuits just don't work.

  25. You're just adorable with your boys! How sweet are you to bring your OB/GYN a present. Mine retired a few years after Thomas was born and I was so sad. Have a great weekend my friend!

  26. That dress looks fantastic! And That necklace so cute. I recently ordered a bicycle brooche!

  27. You look gorgeous Andrea, hope you had fun! Love the stripy jumpsuit, that's my kind of style. Have a happy weekend. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  28. Hi. I love that blue shirt & the bicycle necklace, so cute. It's sad when a doctor retires, especially when you have known them for so long. Is that your closet? that's Awesome.

  29. Oh yeah, jumpsuits can be problematic in the ladies' room. Love the dress and especially that Mr Nine is on board with a trip next year. The bicycle necklace is adorable. You are so thoughtful! The weatherman was right, we are having snow and lots of it...ugh... It'll be gone tomorrow tho...going to warm up. Have a fab weekend! xoxo

  30. Nice and perfect looking outfit..

  31. Oh my gosh I think I need that velvet strap cold shoulder top! It's so cute! How exciting about your upcoming vacation too! Even though it's a year away, you can look forward to it so it will be that much more exciting when you get to go!

  32. I'm obviously behind on the times, but OMG IS THAT YOUR CLOSET?!? I just ordered a jumpsuit from Old Navy and I'm crossing my fingers that will work!

  33. Still cold here too! So many great outfits. I especially love the one with the green cardigan. And what an amazing closet you have.

  34. Lots of goodness in here my friend. I've been thinking I might like to do a jumpsuit for the rehearsal dinner and now you've got me pondering that even more! Sadness that your OB is retiring. That's rough. Having moved twice in the last 8 years and having to find new ones I can totally relate. I love that you gave her that sweet necklace though. You are truly such a thoughtful person! Just one of the many things I love about you sweet Andrea!!!! XOXO

  35. Now I want to see this striped jumpsuit on you!! And I'm so swooning over your dang closet.

  36. I'm FINALLY getting caught up on my blog reading after being gone a week and a half and goodness gracious can we please have a closet tour?! Have I missed that somehow?! Your closet looks like a dream!


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