Of all the outfits I’ve shared on Insta Stories, this has been the one to receive the most messages. You guys are loving the paper bag trend and so am I. 
 This post is extra special because it’s a joint venture with one of my favorite people on the planet: Laura from The Horton Family! 
This is not the First time I have twined with Laura, you can see another outfit match clear back in July 2016 HEREA few weeks ago, she mentioned some cute stripped Paper bag Pants she'd gotten from Penny's and right away I knew they had to be the same ones I had just ordered.

Just when I think I couldn’t love my friend anymore; she will say or do something that puts her in the category of angel on Earth! An encouraging word, a hilarious story, a care package of my favorite things, a listening ear and a revelation that we both ordered the same exact paper bag pants and didn’t even know it! From the small things in life, to the big, my sweet Laura is there beside ya all the way. She’s the kind of friend who’d sit with you during an MRI if you needed her too just to reassure you and no doubt make you laugh! She’s one of my “people!” Well, not only did that call for a toast of our glasses, but that called for a post to share both our stylings of them! And some fun boasting that we both share awesome tastes! 

Laura wore her cuteness with a sweet white tee and dark denim jacket. Spot on Spectacular from this curly haired cutie! 

And how incredibly cute is her circle rattan bag, I have this same bag and until I saw this picture, I didn’t know Laura had it too. Make sure you check out Laura's Precious BLOG

 I was lucky to find a little crop top that matched the yellow stripe in the pants. And a denim jacket really is the perfect choice. 

Love that you can do a cute flat sandal with it or a wedge.

BUY a.n.a Pants HERE // Top HERE // Necklace HERE // Tory Burch Flats HERE // Jean Jacket HERE

Can’t wait to see what outfits we pack come this Fall when Laura and I meet up with our other 4 besties in Austin. I’m thinking matching outfits are in order!

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This has been one of the busiest weeks of the year thus far! And it’s not stopping anytime soon because today is the first day of my big garage sale! I had some friends and family come Wednesday and yesterday but today will be packed and it is always a tiring yet fun day! 

1. Proud Mama of Entrepreneurs and Scholar Athletes
My sweet boys, always something to be proud of. 

My two college boys are totally entrepreneurs and very into business and making money! They have developed a website store where they will be selling men’s accessories like watches, sunglasses, hats etc. They have been working hard on it and it looks so professional, plus it will be great on a resume when they get out of college. I will be sharing details when it is up and running. It’s called RealWorld accessory.

This guy on the left, is wrapping up his senior year and was awarded the scholar athlete award for baseball! I just cannot believe the regular school years are coming to an end!

2. Lambo Love
Our boys have absolutely always been crazy about Lamborghinis! So, it was funny when we saw this yellow one sitting in the middle of a parking lot with nothing around it after Sunday brunch. I was told it was my Mother’s Day present, but in actuality, it really just matched my earrings! And truth be told, they are cool, but I love my vehicle so much better!

3. Week's Attire
Jumpsuit HERE // Earrings HERE // Necklace HERE

Sunshine & Whiskey Tee HERE // Sandals HERE // Jean Shorts HERE

Cardigan HERE //Necklace HERE // Sandals HERE // Jeans // Tee HERE

4. Long Black Dress 
Isn’t this slinky black dress with pockets just amazing and so fun! Of course, it is from Amazon, and under 20 bucks. It is fun to knot at the bottom and this one looks so cute with a Jean jacket or a cardigan.

More Inspo

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In The Garage..Pre-Sale
It's always so fun when friends, family and old neighbors come to the sale early. We have had a lot of fun catching up this week!

Clothing Tag Gun
Many people who have worked retail, know these tag guns. So great for tagging clothing for my sale! 

And I leave you with Garage Sale Funnies

Have a marvelous May Weekend!!
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This two-piece floral set from Target is such a winner for many reasons! First of all, the fit is perfect. It has pockets and flows so nicely. The wrap top is cropped but not too cropped. I love the length because I can wear it with heels or sandals.

It totally looks like a jumpsuit. You know I’m crazy about jumpsuits but sometimes you want a similar look made easier. No bathroom access issues with the slip on pants! 

Florals are so beautiful in the spring and summer and while I like them all, I really loved the Black backdrop for these gorgeous yellow flowers!



Eek, this one has me so excited because I feel like it’s the kick off to summer. My dear and precious friend, Laura Horton from the Horton Family Blog has come up with the best me questions for her 3 Things, Write with Me series!

1. If April Showers bring May Flowers, what 3 kinds of flowers are you planting this Spring?
If you know me at all, you know I am totally crazy about my posies and inherited my green thumb from my sweet mom. You know I go to at least half a dozen greenhouses every year and plant many varieties of flowers. My Ultimate favorite every single year are Bubble Gum Petunias. They get huge, spread out fabulously, you do not have to dead them in the pink shade is absolutely amazing!

Here are some of mine from last year by the pool, I had some in the ground and in Pots, it was still early I the year and they got much bigger.

Here they are at our old house in railing boxes and pots. Our old neighbors just texted me the other day and said how much they miss looking over at the beautiful bubblegum petunias. 

 Here is mom and I in a town about an hour and a half south of us that have the biggest bubblegum petunias we’ve ever seen. This is just one pot of about 200 that the town plants every year.

I also love geraniums and last year I got a beautiful red and pink shade to go in one of the window boxes on our pool shed. This year I got a couple dozen of that variety to plant in various places. They are called Calliope medium Crimson flame.

Another favorite is Verbena, they get huge and do so good. I got several varieties this year and these are some of mine from last year at their peak. I love hibiscus too

I love hibiscus too! 

And Ferns and Sweet Potato Vine too...

These are Mom's Impaitents, still going mid-September last year! 

2. Cinco de Mayo. End of the School Year. A Long Memorial Weekend. How are you celebrating the kick off to Summer?
While we celebrate and love all of these, the best way for us to kick off summer is Memorial Day weekend. Usually, Mr. Nine and I do this alone because it often falls around our anniversary and we always go to either a beer and brats festival in Michigan or sometimes we take a long weekend in Chicago. This year, we will most likely just be hanging by the pool with the boys as we have our last one graduating this year. That will be a true kick off as we will have no more in regular school but Eek, three in college in the fall!
Michigan Beer and Brat Festival  

LOVE hanging with my guys poolside

3. What 3 qualities make a great mom? Or show us a picture of you and your mom and tell us why she is so special to you.
It is no secret how wonderful my mom is. In fact, I just mentioned her on Friday and have often shared her and talked about her on the blog. She is just the cutest and most beautiful inside and out! Her beauty, grace and precious heart touch everything she does and everyone she knows. She loves her family so much and does whatever she can to help us when in need. She is fun and spunky and loves life! A big part of the woman and mother I am today is because of her and the values and love she has instilled in me. I am the luckiest girl to call her mom and I don’t know what I would do without her!
1974..look how beautiful mom's hair was.

1990....look how BIG with our hair was, lol.

Yep, we like to toast once again. 

Yesterday, before Brunch

And because my sweet photog is a son of mine and loving the dress and sneakers look..always...Took these on the windiest day yet this Spring..may have lost my hat a couple times, lol! LOVE this Blooming Jelly line!


A very Happy Week to you all!