This is going to be a fun weekend! One boy arrived home from college last night for 11 days, the other arrives soon and Sunday, Mr. Nine and I are off to the Windy city again to attend the Chicago Bears/Vikings game with friends. It’s going to be COOOOLD and the game got moved from 1pm to 8:15 pm...close to my bedtime, lol but we will make the most of it! Monday, I showed you my Glam Space complete with a cozy Pink Pom Beanie, so I went and ordered another, closer to Bears colors, one for the game. I’ll be layering for sure! 

1. The Tree
Well after 3 hours of trying to fix a section of lights, 20 minutes on the phone with Balsam Hill, we finally figured out it was a wiring issue, added a backup strand and will be shipped a new tree section but not until next year as it is sold out. But it’s ok, because it turned out so beautifully! One of many lit trees in the house, but for sure, my favorite with all the reds and champagne. 
Hi, I'm Andrea and I am addicted to trees, LOL!

2. Holiday Find ~ Gray Tray
The Perfect Tray. I knew when I was planning this Christmas bedroom that I wanted a bed tray. I hunted high and low, contemplated painting a plain wood one, but ultimately found this beauty on Amazon. What is so great about This Tray is that with it being the perfect shade of gray, I’ll use it in the house all year long. Love pieces like that!


3. Week's Attire
Similar Cardigan Here

 Scarf Here, Grace and Lace Extender HERE

Scarf  Here, Sweater HERE

4. Pink Sweater
I love all shades of pink and tend to not bring in the brights as much when the weather starts turning cold but I feel so vibrant in a bright color. This sweater is the sweetest shade of pink, so very cozy and I knew I wanted to throw in a smidge of turquoise and leopard pumps. 
BUY Sweater HERE // BUY Earrings HERE

More Inspo

Did you see my Draper James Dress on Wednesday? Draper James liked it on Insta although I wish Reese herself had seen it, lol! How cute is she with 
her pink sweater, jeans and leopard heels!!

5. Misc. Fun
Cocoa Kisses
SOOO Good my friends and cute packaging! They’re probably one of the best specialty KISSES released. It's not really a marshmallow flavor inside, more of a whipped cream flavor but you will NOT be disappointed! 

Merry Everything Door Mat
How cute is this Door Mat? Under $12 and it’s a Buffalo Plaid Beauty. I am sticking with the black and white Buffalo Plaid with some reds thrown in on the front porch but man, this is CUTE!!

Starbucks Story
I have the sweetest Starbucks story. I only go to Starbucks about once a week. I was excited to get a Holiday cup. Many times, I have paid for the person behind me. Well imagine my delight when I got up there and she said that ‘my’ drink had been paid for. NO one has ever got my drink in line before. I immediately said “well let me get the person behind me” and she just beamed because she said the pay it forward had been happening all morning….The holiday spirit and kind hearts at work! 

My your spirits be bright this weekend!!

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I got this plaid pretty Dress on October’s Blogger Trip to Nashville. I think we all had our sights on making it to our beloved Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James. This preppy store playing old school country did not disappoint. The first thing to happen was the super sweet sales associate asking us all if we’d like some sweet tea? Why, of course we did.

The peppy preppy feels had me jonesing to find something cute. And this dress was my fabulous find. A great transitional piece...with boots and perhaps a cardigan now, tights added in the Winter and sandals in the Summer. Huge win, great fit and precious plaid. 

I could hardly wait to style it for today’s fashion prompt which is plaid and stripes. Until I got this dress, my plan was a subtle striped top, cardigan and plaid blanket scarf but this dress changed all that as this was the plaid piece I wanted to share. Question was, what stripe to pair with it? Not to take away from the cuteness of the dress, I decided on a simple striped headband. And while booties would work with this dress, I really felt my slouchy boots paired with it best.

We got lucky with these photos as it was a fabulous Fall day and the burning bushes by our home were in full bloom! 
More Plaid Draper James Dresses I want 

Speaking of Nashville, My dear friend, Shelly from The Queen In Between is leading the plaid and stripes prompt today. 
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When I started to make this salad, which I’ve loved for years, I realized something. I am always concocting up new recipes and sometimes forget to make my tried and true staple recipes that I’ve been making for years to share with you all here on the Blog. This is a seasonal salad for me that I only tend to make In the Fall season.....AND I LOVE IT!! And you truly could eat this all year round. 

The homemade dressing is the star of the show here and of course I like to use my favorite apple: The Honey Crisp!

What you'll need

Apple Spinach Salad
1 pound Baby Spinach or Spring Mix
3 sweet apples halved and sliced ( I like Honeycrisp or Gala)
1/4 cup Feta cheese, crumbled
Handful Dried cranberries or crasins (I had a cranberry and nut blend)
1/4 cup Candied pecans and/or almonds 
3/4 cup olive oil
3 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
3 Tablespoons white vinegar
3 Tablespoons sesame seeds
1/4 cup white sugar
3/8 teaspoon paprika
S&P to taste if desired 

To make the dressing, pour all into a salad shaker or jar and shake well, or whisk all ingredients together in a bowl. Assemble salad ingredients and top with dressing, toss and serve!