Since I promised not to bring you any sweets this month, I had to bring out a couple of the new appetizer recipes I tried recently. I mean the Super Bowl is coming up and you are for sure going to need some tasty apps. Today I’ll start with the one I couldn’t wait to pull from the oven and gobble. I love dates and I have always wanted to make a stuffed date of some sort. You can actually stuff them with sweet filling but I had my mind on a savory type with bacon of course. My mom then made these on Christmas Eve with Gorgonzola cheese, mine are a little milder if you don’t like your cheese to pungent. 

What you'll need

16 Medjool dates (pitted)
8 slices of bacon (not thick)
4 oz of goat cheese

Preheat the oven to 350°. Slice the top of the dates lengthwise on one side to create an opening. Using a small spoon stuff each date with a small amount of goat cheese and then press the sides together to close. But the bacon slices and half and wrap each date with a slice of bacon, securing it with the toothpick. Arrange the dates evenly on a baking sheet with raised edges and bake for 10 minutes remove from the oven and use the toothpick to turn over each date so it’s laying on the other side. Bake for an additional 5 to 8 minutes until browned to your liking remove from the oven and let stand 10 minutes before serving.

So easy and so delicious! 75 calories per appetizer.



Grieving is a tough thing when you lose someone in the finality of it but it’s also tough when you have someone who is still alive, yet no longer in your life. Have you dealt with this? It can happen in many relationships whether romantic, friendships, neighbors, or even family members.

It hurts when you realize you are not as important to someone as you thought you were. The sadness is consuming and manifests itself at strange times. You will soon realize that life is peppered with reminders of that person. You hear a joke or make a new recipe with that person’s favorite foods and your first instinct will be “So and So will love this!”, and then you quickly remember that you are no longer speaking. Cleaning out your closet you will find a scarf or other item that person bought you for one of those holidays or just because moments, as you always knew what the other loved, and for a second, you will be overcome with a sense of loss. 
Got some good news to share? A secret to spill? An inside joke that you’re dying to laugh at? You turn and are left with the gaping doorway now, a giant hole. Instead of the familiar you are left with… nothing. You also quickly realize how many of your greatest memories now feel tainted and cause you pain. We trust that person with our secrets and share with them our silliest of memories, so when they leave, they seem to take those with them. Losing someone, who at one time, a very long time, was a constant in your life is difficult. It’s lonely. It’s cold and it’s dark. 

Several months back, I found myself trying to cope with such a loss. I found myself crying at odd times and in odd places, my stomach was a mess and I realized, I was in disbelief, I was grieving and I wondered how I could mourn someone who is still alive? The ache of missing someone who is very much alive, or the realization that you must retrain your brain and rid yourself of the memory reflex that tries to constantly direct you to where your loved one once was is real. 

Drifting apart and sudden loss are two different things. Drifting apart can happen for many reasons, is gradual and you both kind of get it. But sudden abrupt loss when you're unsure exactly of the “why” stings to your core!! Misunderstandings, miscommunications, regrets or anger over a change in a situation can cause the relationship to come to an abrupt halt. At least when you know why, you can gain understanding, grow from it, deal with it and move on. This often happens in romantic relationships when there’s a break up and whether you agree with it or not, you get it. However, sometimes it cuts even deeper to grieve that person when there’s just big question marks in the way.

I don't want to go into too much detail personally on this as I am a very private person but I know many of you can relate so I thought it was important to tell you that you're not alone. When a relationship is lost, a bit of magic is lost, and the cold and lonely reality of what’s left – and what’s gone – demands acceptance, healing, and grief. Let yourself grieve, Let yourself cry. The ache in your heart and soul is real, is true and is understandable. Please remember this, if you find yourself grieving over the loss of a relationship or friendship that meant the world to you, just like any painful experience, it will get better. You’ll live, you’ll laugh, you’ll still find times where you miss them fiercely, but you’ll make new relationships, new friends, it may strengthen older relationships and you’ll find yourself appreciating the little things even more than you thought you already did. 

HUGS to you all, and an extra one if you have been through what I mentioned here. Have a great week my friends! 

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This was quite the uneventful week. However, a snowstorm and bitter cold are hitting this weekend and the good news is we have few plans so it’s going to be quite snuggly. Let's get to it so you can get on what the most Fabulous Friday!

1. Road Trip in a Snow Storm
As many of you know from my Insta stories, we went down to Purdue where one of our sons goes to college to celebrate with him on his actual birthday. It was important to us to spend the boy’s birthdays with them on their actual day if possible so we braved a snowstorm to see this boy! 80’s tunes helped and Yes, there are several times we wish we would have turned around and came home, but in the long run we are so happy we were able to see him and have dinner at how appropriate, Nine Irish Brothers pub.

2. Birthday Girl
This girl! This sweet friend of mine happens to have a birthday on Sunday! I’ve said it many times on the blog, but Laura is the real deal! How blessed was I to finally meet this amazing friend in person in 2018! While she’s been blogging for longer than a decade, it was soon after I started that Laura and I became fast friends. She commented on a post of mine and when I hopped over and saw how precious she was and what her Blog was about, I just knew we would be fast friends and we sure have! Whether it’s discussing our beloved football teams, Alabama and Notre Dame respectively, talking leopard, cute styles, little boutiques, decor, health, our kids, food, our wonderful husband’s or even a TV show, we know that we will forever have each others back! no topic is off-limits and I cannot thank Laura enough for her compassion, her understanding, her support and her grace. She absolutely is the best girlfriend you’ll ever have and I am forever grateful she is in my life! If you’ve not met Laura yet or even just to wish her happy birthday, hop over to the The Horton Family Blog and toast to her awesomeness!

3. Week's Attire
And speaking of Laura, did you see her POST on Wednesday about coral being the color of the year? This top looks a little lighter here but it actually is closer to a coral color which as she knows me, is one of my favorite colors so I’m tickled pink coral about it! 
Top, TJ MAXX // Earrings a gift from my sweet Kellyann

Monogrammed Sherpa Pullover HERE

4. Pink and Cream Pullover
So, This Pullover is pretty much everywhere. The originals started floating around on Instagram or from Abercrombie but Amazon quickly stepped up to the plate and the three I own are from there. See my Navy One HERE and the Black one HERE. They are so soft, so comfortable and so perfect to throw on with a pair jeans and boots for a quick run out the door. I was so thankful I ended up wearing this outfit down to Purdue last weekend because it was warm and toasty and my Sorel boots are waterproof.

More inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Welcome Sign
Above the kitchen nook window, I had a believe wood sign for the holidays. I loved something there so much that I wanted to replace it with a welcome sign. I found this One on one of my favorite Etsy shops, got it unfinished and spray painted it a slate blue which is the accent color in my kitchen and living room. BUY HERE

Crave Earrings
Won’t these white earrings be perfect for Summer. And How cute is her packaging!! Love shop owner Erin!

Gymnast..with a Perfect 10
Have you seen this video of UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi? She has quite a story and her perfect 10 is magnificent, she will make you smile!!

Posts from the Week
In case you missed it, my posts this week were Sharing My 2109 Goals and ONE WORD HERE, A Great Sausage and Potato Cheddar Ale Soup Recipe HERE and My Cute Work Out gear HERE

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I am hosting Friday Features over at The Blended Blog  today. Check the lovely posts that slid into our featured spots and a few things I’m loving over there today! 

Make sure you come back Monday, I have a very special heartfelt post. Have a Super weekend!

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