Humidity is a curse word in my book. Not a fan, so not hair and body friendly. I didn’t want to wear this green ruffled turtleneck sweater but knowing Fall is coming and I’ll be dressing like this in a few weeks, I needed to get some shots while I still have a college photographer around.

I thought I liked this and I love the Kut from the Kloth Jeans but truth be told...it went back. I liked it, the color was great, the ballooon sleeves, super cute, the ruffled neck, a fun feature but I just wasn’t ready for a new turtleneck sweater in my closet. Now, the jeans on the other hand are keepers and I’m finding those Toms peep toe booties to be a favorite pair of boots by far again this year. 

A little leopard and my Kendra Scott favorite necklace tied it all together, Then, sweating my butt off, I ran inside, threw off these heat inducing duds and jumped in the pool. Well, I put my bathing suit on first of course, lol! 

One boy moved in yesterday, one more to go and I'm tired and sad already.
Let's make this one heck of a great middle of the week Wednesday! 
SWEATER HERE // JEANS HERE // Similar TOMS Booties HERE // NECKLACE HERE // Similar Clutch Purse HERE




I missed linking up with Tanya last week for her monthly Amazon series and my Prime Purchases but after realizing I had some really good buys to discuss, I threw this together for y’all! In June, I did a Summer Edition of Amazon Purchases and still love everything from those hauls. This edition is no different just proving Amazon really does deliver the goods! If I had to thin about it, i'd say these products, all 9 of them, of course, are my FAVORITE Finds yet!!!

1. Baebody Retinol Mosturizer
Any good dermatologist will tell you as we age, our skin needs Retinol. We must use products on our face with it. I love this brand. I’ve seen the amazing Eye Gel but was so happy to see So many bloggers review this moisturizer because it truly is awesome. Been using it three weeks now and love it! So much better price point than other Retinol moisturizers! No break outs, skin feels great and taunt. I use this Moisturizer at night and the Vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the am. HUGE Amazon Win!


2. Fruitables Dog Treats
I love buying these Fruitables treats for Daisy. They are all natural, vegan, Made in the USA and even shaped like little Daisy flowers. She loves them but I’ve been having a hard time finding them at TJ Maxx so I was happy to find this bundle of 5 on Amazon. They are all pumpkin or sweet potatoes flavors paired with another fruit. They’re a great size tooBUY HERE

3. Book: I Am Watching You
Always buying new books from Amazon and pulling the fresh feel good covers out of the box is so satisfying. This one looks so good and hit great reviews. 


4. Silk Peonies
Silk Peonies for decorating inside have my heart. I first saw these on Lindsay's Blog and ordered them right away. I have seen white ones with a little pink in the center, even have some but these pale pink ones are the perfect color for my office/craft area. They are really nice and not cheap looking. Hobby Lobby wold charge double this price.

5. Amazon Fire TV Stick
We just got my mom one of these so she can watch Netflix. With an unbelievable 154,000 reviews, the Fire TV Stick is one of the most rated products in Amazon history. It plugs into your USB port to turn any TV into a smart TV. From there, you can access all your favorite streaming apps, channels, games, and websites. It even has an Alexa button, so you can do all the aforementioned things using voice-command. 

6. Drawer Organizers
You know I’m all about clothes organization. Organizing my bras and pantries, yes, yes, yes! Right now, they are just thrown in the drawer. A couple sets of these awesome dividers was warranted. LOVE these Drawer Organizers, my thong undies are going in the little 24 compartment.


7. Stamp and Eyeliner Pen combo for a 
"Cat Eye"
This stamp and eyeliner pen combo is a crowd-favorite for a reason: it offers fantastic control and lasts all day. But, even better than the formula of this eyeliner is the pen itself. The pen features a stamp on one side of the device that you can stamp to the outer edge of your cat eye for a perfect triangular corner. Then all you have to do is fill in your eyelid with a simple swipe across and you have a professional-quality winged eyeliner look. One reviewer says, “I have never been so excited about a makeup product!! I can finally do a cat eye!!!” That’s how I feel! Cat Eye here I come.

8. Maple Holistics Shampoo
My hair ALWAYS needs repair from coloring and bleaching it for so many years. Most shampoos dry hair out (which is why you then follow up with conditioner). According to reviewers, however, this Maple Holistics Shampoo "Converts straw to silk" and "Leaves [hair] clean, shiny, and moisturized!" It's loaded with argan oil, avocado, and peach kernal, along with multiple different vitamins that nourish the scalp and repair each strand. YES! Straw to Silk sounds sensational to me. 


9. Wood Essential Oil Diffuser
My son has one of these for his college apartment. This second-generation URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser produces way more mist than the first version, and it has a ton of awesome features. The utrasonic motor is quiet and won't harm the quality of your oils, the soothing LED light cycles through seven colors, and the large tank works for up to six hours. It even shuts off when the water runs out. If the gorgeous wood-grain isn't enough to sway you, over 25,000 reviewers can't stop raving about how effective and reliable it is. Putting mine in my office and if I love, getting another for living room. It's cheaper than one I saw at TJ Maxx yesterday and has way more features.

Get your Amazon on and Have a GREAT week!! 


Friday in da house! Yay! But guys, rough week and I wince just thinking of baby boy....another football injury. Thank goodness no break and no surgery but out for 5 weeks. I LOVE football but I’m done having kids that play...so scary. I’ll bid High school sports howdios after this year. Let’s talk about dreaming big this fine Friday leading me to my sweet blogger spotlight:

Oh sweet Emelia from the blog with the sensational name, Dream Big and Buy the Shoes, where do I begin? I have been reading this sweetheart’s blog for several years now. I have seen her heart overflow with love and gratitude. I have seen her passionate about life and causes. I have seen her BFF relationship with Miss Britney Spears encourage those of us who adore certain celebs. What fun! In her post About Me in 3's, you'll find out about all the fun things she loves and what means so much to this precious gal. I have seen her love for her husband Chuck at their darkest hour and her life enriched by her son Ethan. Then, watch their family grow and become complete with the addition of Bella Boo, the sweet baby girl she spent weeks in the hospital with before and after her birth. This Pennsylvania girl has my heart and I know she will have yours if you read her blog. She recently celebrated her 35th birthday and you'll love her post about Her Thoughts on turning 35. Favorite posts like Balancing Her Career and Parenting will have many of you going "That's exactly how I feel too!". Emelia and I share of love of the Sprinkles Cupcake Experience and in her post Las Vegas Must Do's, you'll find her at that same Cupcake ATM, some really CUTE photos of she and Chuck and some awesome tips for enjoying all LV has to offer! This sweet, smart, sassy and sensational mama is the whole package and you will LOVE her just like I do! Go Check her out HERE!
How Precious is this photo!
Both Emelia and Bella will inspire you to "DREAM BIG!"
AND speaking of this thoughtful friend of mine, look what she sent me in the mail as a surprise! How amazing of her to see it and think of me. I love it!

2. Family Weekend
Well, family weekend didn’t quite turn out how we planned. With the youngest having his injury, all he wanted to do was hang with his new girlfriend since He couldn’t bend his leg. We let it slide and opted to do a college boys going back weekend and spoil them. It consisted of pool time, a dinner at grandma’s, fishing, a Farmer’s Market/Gift shop, lunch at the Brewery and listening to a band at the winery.

We figure this one will get us all year.

Even let mom and dad sit in the back on the way home.

3. Week's Attire
Similar FIG Brand Dress HERE, TB Miller Sandals HERE

TJ Maxx dress and Tee, Marc Fisher Sandals HERE

Similar Vineyard Vines Dresses HERE and HERE, TB Miller Sandals HERE

4. Chambray Dresses
Just look at my cute mom. Having her join me for a favorite outfit today as she showed up and we both had chambray on. I got this Lauren Conrad dress from Kohl’s and kept forgetting to wear it. Loved it with the peep toe booties. Mom can wear hers on the shoulder or off and looks cute paired with some white jeans.
No Chambray left but super cute prints and $17, the fit is great! 

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Day with Mom 
Just look at that yummy salad and strawberry lemonade martinis. Mom and I went over to Notre Dame one day where they have a commons area with great restaurants. 

Day with a Friend 
A dear friend of 18 years brought her sweet boys over to hang out, swim and fish on Monday. Her oldest son, who is into photography captured this shot of us chilling on the front porch. 

Lamb's Ear
I absolutely love Lamb’s ear stems and have been decorating my house with it. Looks so good with white pumpkins too so will be nice for Fall. Sometimes it’s hard to find but here is some if you love it too.

I leave you with my favorite Emelia Quote:
"Life doesn't wait for any of us; you must get your fill every single day...that's why it's important to dream big & always buy the shoes."


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