We’re back from a great trip! I was so happy to tag along to DC on Mr. Nine’s business trip. Being the first trip to DC for us both, we were able to stay on a couple extra days and soak in as much as we could. We were blessed with phenomenal weather and being a lover of all things political science and government, this proud American girl sure was excited! Let’s get to it as I of course included “9” things I loved from our trip to Washington. 

1. Lunch with Rachel 
It is so fun to meet fellow bloggers you follow in real life because you feel so close to them already. I was so lucky to have a wonderful lunch with one of my favorites: Rachel from A Blonde's Moment.
Much more to come on Rachel when I feature her as a Friday Favorite Blogger Feature. If you don’t already know her, she’s the best! Our lunch was at a great place Rachel found called Farmers and Distillers and it was delicious. In fact, Mr. Nine and I went there the next morning for breakfast where I had the best creme brûlée doughnut. 
Rachel and I
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2. Gelato & Kate Spade 
I had the rest of the day to explore while Mr. Nine was in meetings. Near the hotel was an upscale shopping area called City Center DC. When I saw they had a Kate Spade, I was so in. What a delight it was. Darling items, super sweet sales ladies, a serious discussion with them and some fellow patrons about her death. Plus, I splurged and bought the CUTEST Pineapple Jumpsuit . I’m taking it on our upcoming family vacation and I’ll make sure to get a photo shoot in it. I treated myself to some of the best gelato I’ve had since Italy while I was there too at a great gelato and coffee shop called Dolcezza. 

The dressing room was beautiful and the DRESS so cute but it was too big and they didn't have a smaller size. Still so excited to share my Jumpsuit soon.

3. Fig & Olive 
In the same complex I had been in for shopping, was a restaurant called Fig and Olive. Since the restaurant we wanted didn’t have any time slots that worked, we decided on this one. It was great food that was satisfying but didn’t cause you to feel stuffed. The Crostini's On focaccia were delicious.  

4. Capitol
Probably the most beautiful building in the entire United States. I was in awe. We were lucky enough to have a private tour via our state representative and the intern tour guide was a Notre Dame student, which was awesome. The House was in session so she gave us tickets to sit in on the workings of the House and we got to see several House Representatives speak. My favorite part, our photo with the statue of my favorite President, Ronald Reagan. 

5. Tortilla Coast
Hello deliciousness!! This amazing Mexican Restaurant was a recommendation from Rachel and it was sooooo good. A short walk from the Capitol building and the perfect place for our lunch before starting our 25,000 step trek for the day to all the sights. The Stars and Stripes margarita Rachel suggested was so good!!! 

6. National Archives
Again, a great recommendation from Rachel as she is a fellow political science nerd like me and knew I’d love it. I sure did! The archives house the Original documents that shaped our Nation; the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. It was such an honor to view these documents in the Rotunda. No photography was allowed but we did snap these hilarious photos in front of the massive 37 feet doors. We look so small, lol. 

7. Washington Memorial
This Memorial is the first one I saw when we made our way in to DC from the airport. It is so majestic. Unfortunately, due to deterioration from weather it was closed and a fence surrounded it but so amazing to see and it was, at one time, the tallest structure in the World. 

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8. WWII Memorial 
Honoring the 16 million who served in the US forces, this is a beautiful memorial completed in 2004, in between the Washington Memorial and the Reflecting Pool/Lincoln Memorial. I loved how each of the states was represented and the beautiful fountain in the middle. The Lincoln Memorial at the end of these sights was cool too but it was quite crowded so we didn’t stay long. 

9. Arlington National Cemetery
We were going to go to Mount Vernon on Saturday but wanted to take a water taxi but due to time constraints and our flight in the afternoon, we decided to go to Arlington instead and are so glad we did. We saw the grave sites for the Kennedy family and all the soldiers who grace this cemetery in death. It is amazing and we were able to witness several wreath laying ceremonies and when we crossed our hearts and Taps played, we both got teary eyed.

 At the Tomb of the Unknown Solider 

We also saw the Whitehouse on Trump’s birthday Thursday, saw where they were filming some scenes for Wonder Woman 2, accidentally went in the Senate chambers area where we weren’t supposed to be, got in trouble for standing too close to a portrait at an art gallery (we’re such rebels) and saw the Presidential helicopter take off, not sure if it was Marine One (Trump) or Marine Two (Pence). We were really surprised not only how pretty everything was but how expansive the city is. We logged over 75,000 steps in 3 days. Trust me, we were so tired each night but so happy seeing one of the greatest cities in the Nation! 

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 White and gold! That’s solid gold if you ask me, remember that dance show? Anyway, I think white and gold is just so classy especially when it includes a crisp white blazer. I have shown you this white blazer from Express before Here and I get excited to wear it when Summer hits! This week for our style perspectives, It’s all about Shorts. I will admit, I don’t wear shorts much except for errands, round the house or on vacation, but I thought it would be fun to put this white with my oversized Levi’s boyfriend shorts. Combining a little more refined with laid back for a fun Summer vibe. 

I got these Levi Jean sorts in size bigger and love the baggier fit. here you can see the white embroidered lower peaking out, they are so cute.


Happy Wednesday, I'm Going to the Capitol!


I have been packing lunches for my two oldest sons who are home from college and working for the pool company who is installing our pool. Our grocery bill has doubled having all the boys home but I love it. In one of my now frequent visits to the store for more snacks and lunch foods, I was in the deli/bakery area where they keep those Pretzel Thins, well, that's what we call them; they're actually called Crisps. Gosh I love them in hummus or with cheese. My oldest requests the plain ones and dips in cream cheese, 2nd oldest likes a flavored ones like the Jalapeño Jack and the youngest has a sweet tooth so the cinnamon sugar and chocolate are right up his alley. On this particular trip, I couldn’t believe how many varieties of these pretzels are now on the market. Then ironically, when I was looking at my phone in between putting snacks away, this popped up on my feed and it got me thinking about waaaay more than pretzels.

It got me thinking about how not everyone likes the same things including people. About how sometimes we twist ourselves to fit someone’s else’s version of us. I take it personally when someone doesn’t like me. I think I’m cool and heartfelt so why don’t they? The devil sits on our shoulders and whispers things in our ears like “she doesn’t like you,” “you’re not worthy,” or “you don’t belong here!” There’s so many reasons why people won’t like you or want to be around you.

People won’t like you because you’re nice.
People won’t like you because you’re rich or poor.
People won’t like you because you’re thin or heavier.
People won’t like you because of the color of your skin or hair.
People won't like you just based on the way you look....period.
People won’t like you because you’re no longer on their radar at work, school, church, etc.
People won’t like you based on gossip, miscommunications or assumptions.

You get the picture. FLICK THAT DEVIL OFF YOUR SHOULDER RIGHT NOW! The only person you truly need to like you is God and you got that sista because he loves us all no matter who you are, what you do or what you look like. Your flavor and your style won’t be for everyone and that’s ok. If you have to twist yourself like a pretzel in order to maintain a relationship or get someone to like you, it’s not worth doing. I’m not everybody’s pretzel thin but I am the flavor my family and true friends love. And I bet you’re just the right amount of spice and sweet for your loved ones too. Beautiful and twisted in life in your own way.

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PS: AND if we’re really being honest, I like a buttery, hot, fat dough pretzel waaay better than the pretzel thins anyway...they look plum anorexic, lol.